Why is Pizza so famous?


Call it a midnight snack or a favorite meal, pizza is something which is best suit for every time. There are several Giants who serve pizza but not only them, there are other small companies too which are doing great with pizzas.

Why is Pizza so famous?

No one can clearly tell when pizza became famous but its truth that its choice of almost 4 children from 6. So, what made it became so popular dish?

We Indian are so fond of food that we try almost everything we hear of. The popularity of Pizza started when Italian immigrants first made pizzas in their homes and would sell them in unlicensed venues and then it started spreading to all part of the world.

On a global level pizza is considered as one of the Healthy meal but in India its mostly preferred for its versatile taste specially when it has companions like Oregano, Chili Pepper and Ketchup. Although many Fast Food Chains have came up with variety of pizzas, Like : Punjabi Pizza, Chocolate Pizza and much more…

Is Craze of Pizza going to stay for longer?

Yes, obviously. The speed in which dynamics of food industry is innovating there is no time soon when Indians are going to get bored from pizza. The best part of this meal is its served instantly and you can find it almost on any square.

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